i love coming across great links.  i’d like to share some of the ones that are important to me.  who knows, you just might like them, too!

Grace Church

my wife and i are praying about becoming church planters.  this blog site is about the journey on that path.

Living Waters Church
this is our current church. my kenpo instructor is also my pastor.  we are very involved at our church.  it’s a great group of people.  i also write some of our church blogs there (click “rick” on the right hand side of the page to view them).

American Kenpo Training System
this is our kenpo association site.  Grand Master John Sepulveda is head of our organization. i haven’t had the opportunity to meet him yet, but i hope to in the near future.

Bowley Kenpo Karate
my friend and fellow kenpoist, Mr Sam Bowley, runs a kenpo school in McKinney, Tx.

Not So Common Sense
my friend, a fellow christian and an extreme conservative, runs a political blog site.  beware, it IS conservative!

Casa De Kenpo
when i’m looking for some quick video demonstrations for techniques or forms, this is the primary place i go. even though some of the techniques are slightly different, they do a good job of teaching and explaining the techniques.  best part, it’s free!

the following are some of the sites i check often for my own spiritual growth (in no particular order):

IF you know of other links that might be a good fit for this site, feel free to recommend them.  it doesn’t mean they’ll automatically be added, but if i feel it’s “ninja worthy”, i just might!



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