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no more blurred vision

it’s about focus.  i’ve been working on my kenpo for a little over nine months now.  during a huge chunk of that time (february until this past weekend) i wasn’t able to focus 100% towards kenpo because of my baseball schedule.  i coach little league baseball, and have for over 14 years, but my team played their last game of the season this past saturday morning.  we finished with a tie to end a long, grueling season.  i reminded the team after that when they’re older and have their own kids they can tell them they played ball in the hottest recorded summer in texas.  it was draining.

but with baseball season behind me, and no fall season for the first time in four years (for me), i’ll be able to focus on learning my techniques.  i want to build on what i’ve already learned and get a grasp of these as quickly as possible.  my goal would be to test in january or february.  OR, more correctly worded, be prepared to be tested.  when mr jenkins decides i’m ready is when i’ll be ready.  so i intend to work hard to get to that point as quickly as i can.  i want to go hard after that orange belt and now my focus is crystal clear.

vince, one of my cohorts from class, came over saturday night.  we worked for a couple of hours on some basic drills designed to make me sweat before moving into techniques.  the sweating was not a problem.  when he got there it was 105 outside (at 7:30pm) and we were working out in my non-air-conditioned garage.  i swear it was 110 or 115 in there.  the sweat came very quickly.  by the time we moved into working techniques my shirt was totally drenched.

at one point vince was demonstrating the proper way to perform clutching feathers.  when he shot the heel palm to my chest (supposed to be to the face, but we’re not trying to kill each other), the sweat from my shirt literally sprayed him.  it was nasty gross and i’m glad the sweat hit him in the face and not me.  fortunately, he was wearing his glasses, or “protective goggles” in this case.  sorry, slim.

i really appreciate vince’s help and he’s pushing himself, too.  he’d like to get his purple belt by year’s end.  so having a workout partner in addition to the twice a week kenpo sessions with mr jenkins should really help propel our abilities forward.

for the next six months, i should have minimal distractions.  baseball took three days of my week away … now i’m getting those back.  so i’m fired up about becoming less chunky and more ninja.  we’ll see.

— chunky ninja


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my wife and i are praying about being a church planter. until then we're faithful in a local church and helping wherever He leads us. i love my family, writing, web design, reading, baseball, karate, and most of all, God.


One thought on “no more blurred vision

  1. i’ll bring my mask and snorkel for the next session at the kenpo garage lol

    Posted by Fat Boy Slim | 08/23/2011, 17:31

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