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sometimes heat is a good thing

from my car while driving to kenpo

here’s something most thought they would never hear from me:  HOORAY FOR THE HEAT!  officially our area hit 109 yesterday on the thermometer, but unofficially it was as high as 113 in my neighborhood.  when i stepped outside it was like climbing into an oven.  the heat was simply suffocating.  i may have mentioned this before … i’m built like a walrus (only shorter tusks).  walruses don’t do well in anything but cold weather.  and i’m no different.

too hot to play ball

so why the “hooray for the heat”?  well, i was supposed to miss kenpo last night.  i coach a little league baseball team and we had a game.  to my utter surprise, i got a call at 5:30 calling the game off due to the extreme heat.  I’ve been coaching kids through our local YMCA for 14 years and have never seen a game called due to excessive heat.  ever.

i quickly sent out a message to the team so they wouldn’t bother showing up (two still did) and then gathered my kenpo stuff together.  then off i went to kenpo.  i just earned my yellow belt last week and am anxious to start learning my orange belt techniques.  missing class always bothers me.  it bothered me more when i wanted to get started in learning my new techniques.  fortunately, i didn’t have to miss.  and this morning, my right knee was wishing i had missed.

not really my knee, but this is how it feels

while my instructor was demonstrating a technique to a couple of other students i was used as his “dummy”.  i gave it my best fake right cross to his face.  he used an inward block, cross step through and then a knife edge kick to the back of my knee.  he actually did it pretty gently.  but for whatever reason, my knee buckled and i felt a slight pop.  nothing major.  matter of fact it didn’t bother me at all until this morning.  i was able to finish the evening at kenpo without problem.  but this morning … UGH!  it aches.  i’m moving so slow today.   today i feel 46.

i’m actually bummed it’s bothering me so much today.  if you’ve read any of my tweets, you know i’ve been trying to get back into working out.  i’ve been doing some extra walking and have been running stairs for about four months.  not a lot, but what i can do, i do.  the last two days i’ve gotten up extra early, leashed the dog and headed out to pound the streets.  that’s in addition to the work-walk our department does every day.  i’ve also been seriously watching what i’m eating and logging all the data.  today it hurt just getting out of bed.  slight turns or bends make me cringe.  i slept in.  i’ll probably still try the work-walk, but there will be no stair running for me today.  i guess taking a day off would help, but since i just started, i don’t want to do that.

i have a daughter that is a marine.  the marines have a saying:  pain is weakness leaving your body.   so i guess i’m expelling weakness from my right knee today.

a friend of mine, rick faulkner, is a taekwondo instructor and former marine.  he says, sounding like a gravelly voiced drill instructor, “pain is your friend.”  if you met rick, you’d see that he appears to have seriously embraced this friend.  his nose is as crooked as a washington politician.  fortunately for me, his heart is huge and he’d give you his right leg if you needed it.  and in light of this highly respected friend and martial art instructor’s saying i can tell you that, well, i hate my new friend.  he’s a jerk.  pain sucks mud.

while i did get to go to kenpo class yesterday and am suffering for it today, i will also have to endure the heat tonight as it appears they won’t cancel tonight’s baseball game.  the temperatures are actually supposed to be slightly higher than yesterday, but i got a call a few minutes ago saying they don’t want to cancel tonight’s.  so i’ll be limping along like hop-a-long cassidy from the dugout to the third base coach’s box all while enduring 110 degree heat.  um, hooray?

— chunky ninja


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my wife and i are praying about being a church planter. until then we're faithful in a local church and helping wherever He leads us. i love my family, writing, web design, reading, baseball, karate, and most of all, God.


One thought on “sometimes heat is a good thing

  1. When it was 96/97 degrees here for a week, we New Yorkers wilted. “Move slowly and do the minimum physical activity outdoors” was the advice we gave each other. You southerners actually want to do kenpo, play baseball, and run up and down stairs when it’s 105/110 degrees?!! You’re either tougher than we are, or crazier!!
    Well, take care, drink lots of water, and watch that knee!

    Posted by Maria | 08/04/2011, 12:18

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